Smart Electronic Bait

Kanama Smart Bait, the variable swing frequency is derived from the swimming data of more than 20 kinds of bait fish and is controlled by software. Now, with a reusable and retrieveable design, making it a game-changer in intelligent fishing gear.

Master Core Technologies

Making Dead Bait Better Than Live Bait

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True Smart Bait

The variable swing frequency is derived from swimming data of more than 20 kinds of baitfish and is controlled by software

Authenticity Guaranteed

Kanama integrates R&D, production and sales, has strict quality control, and has a 1-year warranty and lifetime support

Reuseable and Retrieveable

Rugged and reliable feed-through hole design, can be connected with separate sub-wires, greatly reducing the loss rate of smart bait.

Fish The Biggest

Anglers can easily catch big fish without frequently reeling in the line and lifting the rod, where technology meets the art of angling

How to Use


Tie the smart bait with fish silk.


Insert the smart bait into the bait fish


Hook the bait fish with a fishhook.


Throw bait fish into the water.

Who We Are

Kanama team brings together experts from fields such as bionic science, oceanography, and materials science, who focus on innovative fishing product research and development

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