Is there a smaller version available?

We are about to launch the Smart Bait Mini, which will be much smaller in size. The Smart Bait Mini can drive smaller baitfish, making it more versatile and suitable for freshwater lakes, rivers, nearshore, and deep-sea fishing.

Is it easy to lose?

The bait is connected with a separate leader line that does not bear the tension from a large fish. Even if the leader line connecting the hook is broken by a large fish, the bait can be safely retrieved. In waters with large fish like sharks and barracudas that have sharp teeth, an anti-bite leader can be attached to prevent the bait from being lost.

The surface of the smart bait is smooth, making it unlikely to get caught on underwater obstacles. Even if the hook gets snagged on a rock and the leader line breaks, the smart bait can still be safely retrieved.

Will it be bitten and damaged by large fish?

The smart bait's shell is made of high-grade plastic material that is pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring stability in harsh environments. It can withstand immense pressure up to 3,000,000 Pa at a depth of 300 meters and resist any bites from large fish. Please visit our homepage at instagram to watch our shark fishing videos.

Will the sound scare the fish away?

Predators are attracted to sound wave vibrations and fast-moving objects. High-end lures have multiple steel balls inside them based on the same principle.

What size baitfish is it suitable for?

With a high-speed motor of 30,000 RPM and an output torque of up to 2KG, it can easily drive baitfish ranging from 20CM to 40CM. The dynamic compensation algorithm ensures that the power does not diminish, maintaining constant output torque regardless of battery level, allowing the baitfish to always maintain the optimal swimming posture.

Why not use live bait directly?

Live bait is difficult to obtain and preserve, with a short attraction time. Especially in deep-sea fishing, live bait quickly dies due to pressure changes during the baiting process.

How long can it be used on a full charge?

With an intelligent power management system and a high-capacity lithium battery, each full charge allows for up to 4 hours of underwater operation. It also has an ultra-long standby time, with a full charge lasting over 500 days in standby mode.

Can it really be waterproof up to 300 meters?

With ultra-precision manufacturing technology at the 0.01mm level and an exclusive dynamic sealing process, it is waterproof to depths exceeding 300 meters.

The product is too expensive and easy to lose?

Guys, the value of a big fish far exceeds the price of the smart bait. With the correct setup of the fishing line, it is hard to lose the smart bait. Please visit the product page to learn more about the ingenious design of smart baits.

Where can I watch Smart Bait fishing videos?

Please visit our homepage at instagram to watch more exciting videos of big fish being caught with the smart bait.

Will the bait be swallowed by large fish?

The smart bait is connected with a separate leader line and has a smooth surface. During the struggle after a large fish takes the hook, the smart bait will slide out of the fish's mouth.

Why choose Kanama smart bait?

Bionic Design
Simulates the swimming frequency of fish through precise software algorithms.Integrating data from over 20 bait fish swimming patterns, simulating realistic fish swimming postures with software algorithms.

Superior Shell
The shell is made of high-grade plastic materials that are pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring product stability in harsh environments.Capable of withstanding immense pressure up to 300 meters deep and 3000000 Pa, and resisting the bite of any large fish.

Super Waterproof
Equipped with an exclusively designed super dynamic waterproof device, waterproof up to 300 meters deep.Crafted with ultra-precision at a 0.01mm grade and dynamic sealing technology.

Intelligent Start-up
Equipped with a liquid level sensor, it automatically turns on when immersed in water and off when out of water, making it easy to use.High-sensitivity liquid level sensor.

Featuring a robust and reliable thread-through hole design, with independent sub-line connections for easy reuseThe bait is connected with a separate sub-line that does not bear the force of large fish. Even if the sub-line connected to the hook is broken by a large fish, the bait can be safely retrieved. In waters where sharp-toothed fish such as sharks and barracudas are present, an anti-bite line can be attached to prevent bait loss.In waters where large fish with sharp teeth such as sharks and barracudas frequent, you can attach a bite-resistant line to prevent the bait from being lost.

Long Battery Life
Equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, providing up to 4 hours of underwater operation.Intelligent power management system, long working time, standby time of over 500 days on full charge.

Smart Charging
Magnetic suction charging automatically cuts off power when fully charged, with a battery cycle life of over 500 times.With charging indicator lights, the color changes when fully charged.

Superior Motor
Features a 30,000 rpm high-speed motor, delivering a torque of up to 2KG, easily driving bait fish with lengths ranging from 20CM to 40CM.Dynamic compensation algorithm ensures constant torque output without power loss, unaffected by battery level, keeping the bait fish in the optimal swimming position.

Sonic Fish Attraction
Built-in soundwave generator, capable of emitting specific frequency range of fish-attracting soundwaves, swiftly drawing large fish closer. Predators are attracted to soundwave vibrations and fast-moving objects. Advanced lures are equipped with multiple steel beads, operating on the same principle.

Kanama Smart Bait makes dead bait more effective than live bait. It can be used continuously for four hours on a single charge. Through biomimetic algorithms and power compensation algorithms, the bait's posture is unaffected by battery power, ensuring it maintains the optimal swimming position at all times.KANAMA is an international company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of intelligent fishing gear.

Our headquarters and R&D center are located in Tokyo, Japan, and we have branches in the USA, UK, and China, along with manufacturing facilities in various regions.