Share your fishing

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce a fantastic giveaway event for the next 2 months, and we welcome everyone to participate actively. Here are the event rules: use Kanama Smart Bait for your fishing activities and share a video or photo of your big fish catch with us. Send your entries to our official email at

If you provide a video, remember, you must record the entire process of catching the big fish using our smart bait. After verifying the authenticity of the video, we will send you a brand new Kanama Smart Bait for free, with shipping included.

If you only provide a photo of yourself with the big fish, remember, your photo must include both our smart bait and the big fish you caught with it. We will give you a $30 discount voucher for your next purchase after verifying the photo's authenticity. The order must be at least $50 to use the voucher.

Each customer is limited to one participation in this event. The final interpretation rights of the event belong to Kanama.

Event Process:

  1. Own at least one Kanama Smart Bait.
  2. Take your digital camera to a fishing spot with big fish and record a video of your big catch or take a photo with the big fish and our smart bait.
  3. Send your video or photo to our official email at
  4. Within 1-2 working days, our staff will review your video or photo.
  5. If the video passes verification, we will send you a brand new Kanama Smart Bait for free. If the photo passes verification, we will send you a $30 discount voucher via email for your next purchase, provided the order amount is at least $50.

The event deadline is August 31, 2024. Here is the purchase link for Kanama Smart Bait. Act quickly!

Best regards,
The Kanama Team