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Welcome to choose Kanama smart bait to bring your fishing experience to a new level. To make it easier, safer and more enjoyable for you to use our products when fishing, we have provided a complete user guide. Below is the full text of the user guide:

1. Assembly and connection

Before you start using the Kanama Smart Bait, make sure you assemble and connect the various parts correctly. Detailed assembly instructions can be found in the product manual. It mainly involves connecting the smart bait to the fishing line, choosing the right hook, and making sure everything is connected securely.

2. Choose the appropriate bait

Kanama Smart Bait is suitable for baitfish from 20cm/8in to 40cm/16in in length. When choosing bait, please consider the size and habits of the target fish and choose a suitable fish species to increase the success rate of catching. The best effect is to use fresh bait native to the fishing area.

3. Place smart bait

Place the correctly assembled smart bait in the water and make sure it can move freely. Once the smart bait touches the water, it will automatically start to simulate the swimming posture of fish and attract fish through low-frequency sound waves.

4. Three fishing methods suitable for smart baits

Bottom fishing: Use a lead sinker to sink the bait to the bottom of the water, suitable for fishing bottom-dwelling fish species such as grouper.
Drift fishing: No lead pendant is added, and the bait is allowed to sink slowly with the current under its own weight. It is suitable for searching larger waters and fishing for middle and pelagic fish species, such as tuna.
Float fishing: Use floats to set the water depth and let the bait float with the current at a fixed water depth. It is suitable for fishing upper-layer fish species, such as Giant Trevally fish.
These three methods provide you with more choices, allowing smart baits to adapt to different fishing scenarios and improve the diversity of catches. Of course, you can also try more methods based on actual fishing scenarios and experience.

5. Recycling and maintenance

When a fish is successfully caught, retrieve the smart bait. Because the sub-line and main line connected to the fishhook will bear tension, but the sub-line connected to the smart bait will not. This ensures that the smart bait can be safely retrieved even if the hook and sub-line are pulled off.

6. Instructions for use time of smart bait

The no-load working time of the smart bait is more than 4 hours, but the actual use time is affected by the water depth and the size of the bait fish. Greater water pressure and larger baitfish will shorten the duration of each use of your smart bait. When the smart bait stops working, please charge it in time to maintain optimal performance.

7. Regular maintenance

To maintain the performance of your smart bait, please remove the upper cover and clean it after each use. Also, wipe the charging contacts regularly to ensure a good charging connection.

Kanama smart bait will add fun and success to your fishing trip. Wish you a great fishing experience when using our products!


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