About Us

Kanama is committed to researching and producing intelligent fishing equipment with the brand purpose of “Making Fishing Easier”. Our team brings together experts from fields such as bionic science, oceanography, and materials science, who focus on innovative fishing product R&D and production.

Our first-ever flagship product, the Kanama smart electric bionic lure, combines multiple advanced technologies. It adopts bionic principles to simulate fish swimming and utilizes unique ultra-precision waterproof technology to achieve underwater waterproof performance up to 300 meters, with a strong high-speed motor that makes it recognized as the strongest bionic bait. Our products enable more and more fishing enthusiasts to experience the innovative fishing methods brought by intelligent technology.

In the future, Kanama will continue to develop more innovative fishing products to help anglers fish more efficiently and conveniently, achieving the ultimate goal of “fishing without difficulty”. We warmly welcome more partners who are passionate about innovative fishing equipment to join us and promote industry progress together!

Kanama smart bait - Making dead bait better than live bait

Timeline of Kanama

Everything is ready.

We have completed the preliminary testing, and the new product will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Kanama smart bait mini

Kanama smart bait mini is about to be launched on the market. This size of smart bait is used for smaller baitfish, especially suitable for freshwater fishing

Wholesale program

Kanama launches wholesale business and recruits brand agents from around the world. Learn more

Product refinement and release

Continuous improvement based on testing and user feedback.

In December, the first Kanama smart bionic bait will be launched to the fishing world. This product seamlessly combines intelligence, bionics and advanced functions to provide fishing enthusiasts around the world with a new fishing mode. Learn more

Complete autonomous activation and remote functions

Uses advanced sensors to automatically activate when immersed in water.

Integrated remote control function to enhance user experience.

Intelligent bionic mode implementation

Use advanced algorithms to introduce multiple smart fishing modes.

Incorporate fish-friendly behavior patterns to enhance bait appeal.

Human-centered design and usability

Pay attention to the humanization of work rhythm and facilitate user operation.

Research and test fish feeding habits to maximize fishing efficiency.

Military-grade durability and extended recovery

11 months of intensive R&D phase to achieve military-grade durability and enhanced water resistance.

Use advanced materials to enhance product toughness in high-pressure environments.

Initiation and conceptualization

A vision for a revolutionary fishing lure was formed.

Formed a multidisciplinary team including bionics experts, electronic engineers, materials scientists and software developers.

Biomimicry and design exploration

In-depth study of bionic principles to simulate real fish movements.

Iterate the design and simulation process to improve intelligent swimming simulation.

Technological breakthrough

Develop exclusive 0.01mm waterproof structure technology.

Integrated powerful 30,000 RPM motor with torque output up to 2 kg.