Tips for Master Anglers: Mastering Kanama Smart Baits


In fishing activities, the application of smart technology is changing the traditional way of fishing. As an innovation, Kanama smart bait not only improves the efficiency and fun of fishing, but also proposes new techniques for use. This article aims to share some tips for using Kanama smart baits efficiently to help fishing enthusiasts better master this advanced tool.

Choosing the right baitfish

Kanama smart baits are capable of driving baitfish between 20 and 40 centimeters in length to swim normally. When choosing a baitfish, it is important to consider the habits and size of the target fish:
- Choosing a baitfish that is too large may scare away the target fish.
- Using baitfish from non-target waters may cause larger fish to not bite.
- Selecting a baitfish that is appropriate for the target species can significantly improve fishing success.

Properly mounting smart baits

When larger baitfish are required, it is critical to ensure that the smart bait is properly fitted into the baitfish:
- Use a tool to insert the smart bait deep into the baitfish.
- Ensure that the front swinging arm of the smart bait reaches the tail section of the fish to ensure that the baitfish swims naturally.

Maintenance and care

To prolong the life of your Kanama smart bait, proper maintenance and care is essential:
- After each use, the top cover of the smart bait should be removed and cleaned with fresh water.
- Regularly check the batteries and waterproof seals to ensure that the unit is in optimum condition.

Pay attention to the length of battery life

The Kanama smart bait can operate for up to 4 hours or more unloaded, but the actual usage time is affected by two factors bath depth and water pressure:
- Water depth and water pressure: As the water depth increases and the water pressure increases, the resistance of the smart bait operation increases, resulting in shorter usage time.
- The size of the baitfish: when driving a larger size baitfish, the smart bait endures more resistance and the usage time is reduced accordingly.


By mastering these key tips for using Kanama smart baits, fishing enthusiasts can take full advantage of this advanced tool to not only improve their fishing success rate, but also enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable fishing experience. As technology continues to advance, we believe that fishing will become smarter and more efficient in the future.


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