What is the smart bait?

Smart Bait is an advanced fishing tool that employs the principles of biomimicry and software algorithms to intelligently simulate fish movement, enhancing fishing efficiency.

Is it easy to lose smart bait?

Under normal use, smart baits are not easy to lose.

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As shown in the picture, A is the main line connected to the fishing rod, B is the sub-line connected to the fishhook (the hook will hook on the bait fish and has the greatest interaction force with the target fish), and C is the sub-line connected to the smart bait (smart The bait will be put into the belly of the bait fish, and the interaction force with the target fish will be minimal).

For A

A has withstood all the tensile force, but as long as a wire with greater strength than B is selected, A will not break easily.

For B

When the target fish bites the bait fish, since the interaction force between B and the target fish is the largest, B almost bears the pulling force of all the sub-lines. If B is constant, the target fish will be caught successfully; if B is broken and the hook is lost, it can be regarded as a loss, which is a common thing that happens in fishing. However, this relatively common loss will not lead to the loss of smart bait.

For C

When B loses its function, the target fish may pull on C. Since C is placed smoothly in the belly of the bait fish, the interaction force with the target fish is very small. The pulling force on C will not be too great, so it is not easy to break. Smart baits tend to slip or be thrown out of the bait fish, and thus also come out of the target fish's mouth, so the smart baits are less likely to be lost.


Smart fishing bait is not easy to lose if used correctly. If it is lost, it can be regarded as accidental or normal loss, but the probability of this loss is much smaller than that of losing a fishing hook.

How to prevent loss of smart bait in fishing

When fishing in waters infested with sharks and other sharp-toothed fish, use an anti-bite fishing line to attach your smart lure, effectively preventing it from being lost when the fishing line is bitten off by the target fish.

Why choose smart bait?

Traditional fishing with live bait can be challenging due to difficulties in acquiring and preserving live fish, especially in deep-sea scenarios. Kanama Smart Bait addresses this by inserting into dead fish, automatically initiating lifelike simulations, attracting fish even in depths of 300 meters.

How does smart bait work?

Equipped with a high-speed motor, it mimics the swimming posture of dead bait fish and uses low-frequency sound waves to attract fish, increasing the chances of a successful catch.

How waterproof is Smart Bait?

It features an exclusive 0.01mm dynamic waterproof structure, achieving a waterproof effect at depths of up to 300 meters, ensuring reliable use in various water environments.

Does smart bait require charging?

Yes, it has a built-in battery and charges through USB magnetic suction. Charging time and usage duration depend on the model and usage conditions.

How long does smart bait work on a full charge?

Kanama smart bait's idle working time can reach over 4 hours, but actual usage time is influenced by water depth, pressure, and bait fish size.

How to choose the right bait fish?

Kanama Smart Bait is suitable for bait fish with lengths ranging from 20 to 40 centimeters. When selecting, consider the habits and size of the target fish to enhance fishing success. Optimal results are achieved by using fresh bait fish native to the target water area.

How to start and operate smart bait?

Simply place smart bait in water to initiate automatic operation. It's easy to operate, with different smart modes available as needed.

Where is smart bait applicable for fishing?

Smart Bait is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Users can choose the appropriate mode based on the type of fish and the fishing environment.

Is smart bait pressure-resistant?

Yes, it uses military-grade shell materials, capable of withstanding pressures up to 3MPa, making it suitable for deep-sea fishing.

What are the maintenance requirements for smart bait?

After each use, dismantle the top cover of Smart Bait and rinse with freshwater. Regularly check the battery and waterproof seals to ensure optimal device performance.

What is the price of smart bait?

Prices vary based on the model and features. Specific information can be obtained from the official website or authorized dealers.

Is smart bait suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is designed to be simple and easy to operate, making it suitable for fishing enthusiasts and beginners.

Can smart bait be used multiple times?

Yes, smart bait features a sturdy and reliable thread hole at the tail, allowing it to be connected to an independent fishing line. Even if the fishing line or hook is broken by a large fish, smart bait can be recovered and reused.

Why is Kanama smart bait regarded as a true smart bait?

Kanama Smart Bait is often referred to as "true smart bait" due to its innovative features and advanced technology. The term "true smart bait" suggests that Kanama's product genuinely embodies the characteristics and capabilities expected from a smart bait. The use of sophisticated algorithms for lifelike fish movement simulation, long-lasting battery performance, automatic operation upon water contact, and other cutting-edge technologies contribute to the product's reputation as a true and effective smart bait in the fishing industry.